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Blond therapy

Blond highlights? Selectively shampoo your hair. Apply shampoo only on the roots, not on the shaft, to avoid drying out already fragile hair.

Fine hair + highlights = fragile ends

To keep ends from fraying and breaking during blow-drying, use a medium-heat setting. Styling will take longer this way, but it will leave your hair shinier and healthier.

Hair for your face

To make a round face look oval, avoid haircuts that are shorter than shoulder length. Side parts tend to widen the face, so opt for a middle-part. A few layers in front will elongate the face.


Retinoids are wrinkle-reducing creams that thicken the skin and unclog pores, but they can also leave behind dry, patchy areas. Gently exfoliate those dead skin cells with a heavy washcloth.


Your skin sheds how many cells a minute?


If you could wake up with perfect hair, it would be:


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