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How to Wear the Latest Hair Trend: Braids

How to Wear the Latest Hair Trend: Braids

Let’s put our hands together for our dear friend, the braid, who has lasted season after season and remains one of the biggest hair trends to date.

Seen rolling down countless runways and on the red carpet courtesy of Liv Tyler, the braid is returning to our lives in all its glory.

This hairstyle looks dazzling from all angles, and once you get over the initial twisted-finger conundrum, it’s actually quite easy to recreate. Here, we take a look at some of the best ways to wear this winning hairstyle.

1. The Show-pony Braid
That perfect braid you always envied has now made its mark on the runway, with hair being braided from the crown, down the back of the head, and pulled into a plaited ponytail from the nape onwards. The key to this look is achieving texture and a little volume at the roots, so start by applying a root-lifting spray into your hair to get added lift and hold.

Once you’ve blow-dried the product through your roots and ends, start braiding your hair from your crown all the way down. Secure your masterpiece with an elastic band once you’ve finished. If you want to get fancy, add a ribbon or piece of leather to a small section of the braid at the back.

2. The Buzz-cut Braid
Traditionally, the buzz cut was only reserved for women who were not afraid to lose their locks. These days, however, the braid is proving to be quite the handy little helper when it comes to adding texture and dazzle to a simple hairstyle.

When Liv Tyler walked down the red carpet a few months ago with her hair out and pulled to one side, the world went “Oh, doesn’t she look lovely?” It wasn’t until a few seconds later, however, when she turned her head to reveal one side pulled into a braid so tight it looked like a buzz cut, that she was applauded for her risque look. Women scrambled to the hairdresser to copy it immediately.

If you’re keen on copying it too, simply blow-dry a smoothing product into your ends before pulling your hair to one side. Next, braid your hair very tightly on the side, starting at your hairline just above your ear. Take the braid back around the side of your head, following your natural hairline as you go. Keep it as tight as you possibly can to get that buzz-like finish.

3. The ’70s Braid
The ’70s is the era of choice right now. Think soft, whimsical hair with a strong bohemian edge, allowing bad hair days to be conveniently classified as cool rather than messy.

Of course, a massive part of this trend is braiding, with celebrities and designers opting for small sections of braiding down the side of the head. If this sounds like you, simply blow-dry your hair smooth before creating softly textured waves at the ends. The look here is smooth waves with lots of movement. Once you’re happy with the ends, centre-part your hair and take a small section where your parting meets your hairline. Then, simply plait this small section of hair and secure it with an elastic band. If you’re feeling the vibe, pop a garland around your head. If not, leave it as is and pair it with a floral dress and a soft peach lipstick.

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Yasemin Turker is a beauty editor and writer.

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