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  • Beauty Secrets of Tennis Pros

    The world’s top-ranked women tennis players shine on the courts not just because of their skills, but also for their gorgeous skin and hair. Here’s how they maintain their beauty while competing under the scorching summer sun.

  • Four Ways to Fake Great Legs

    If you’re like most women, you need about three months at the gym and two weeks at the pool before your legs are ready for public display. Speed up those results with self-tanners, a strategic choice of fashion and effective exercises.

  • Makeup bag makeover

    What’s hiding in your makeup bag may actually be hurting -- not helping -- your look. Like some foods, cosmetics have a “best by” date. Here’s when to toss everything from mascara to bronzer.

  • Skin Care Smarts

    It’s time to take a fresh look at your morning and evening skin care regimens. Here are five surprising ways to perfect your complexion.

  • Most Common Beauty Problems: Solved!

    Last-minute zits, blotches and frizzies happen to everyone. Celebrity makeup artists and hair pros share the secrets to keeping their clients red-carpet ready.

  • Your Man’s Grooming

    Want to help your mate step up his shaving and hair routines... without wrecking your romance?

  • 7 Simple Ways to Go Green in Your Beauty Routine

    From multi-tasking products to water-conserving ways to shower and de-stress, here’s how to make your beauty regimen planet-friendly.

  • Pluck Your Brows Like a Pro

    Well-shaped eyebrows make your eyes look bigger and brighter, add lift to drooping lids and even give your hair colour more zing! Here’s a do-it-yourself guide.



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Kate Hudson’s casual updo works with everything from jeans to sequins.

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