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  • Makeup bag makeover

    What’s hiding in your makeup bag may actually be hurting -- not helping -- your look. Like some foods, cosmetics have a “best by” date. Here’s when to toss everything from mascara to bronzer.

  • Instant Hair and Makeup Makeover

    Tiny tweaks in your hair and makeup regimen can give you a whole new look. Here are six no-drama, no-commitment steps that pack a huge beauty payoff.

  • Most Common Beauty Problems: Solved!

    Last-minute zits, blotches and frizzies happen to everyone. Celebrity makeup artists and hair pros share the secrets to keeping their clients red-carpet ready.

  • 7 Simple Ways to Go Green in Your Beauty Routine

    From multi-tasking products to water-conserving ways to shower and de-stress, here’s how to make your beauty regimen planet-friendly.

  • How to Tame Your Textured Hair

    Curly, wavy, frizzy and otherwise texture-challenged hair is finally getting the attention and products that it deserves.



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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s casual updo works with everything from jeans to sequins.

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Your skin sheds how many cells a minute?


If you could wake up with perfect hair, it would be: