• From damaged hair to dazzling hair

    Do you have over-processed, fried and frizzy hair? Nurse it back to gorgeous health in six simple steps.

  • Instant Hair and Makeup Makeover

    Tiny tweaks in your hair and makeup regimen can give you a whole new look. Here are six no-drama, no-commitment steps that pack a huge beauty payoff.

  • Blow-dry Your Hair Like a Pro

    Want to emulate that perfect blowout your stylist did yesterday? The secret to salon-perfect hair is in your hands.

  • Skin Care Smarts

    It’s time to take a fresh look at your morning and evening skin care regimens. Here are five surprising ways to perfect your complexion.

  • Avoid Bad Hair Days This Winter

    Winter hair woes can leave a woman in a sweat, even when the temperature is in the single digits. Here are solutions on avoiding hat hair, static-induced frizz, moisture-starved tresses and other cold-weather challenges.

  • How to Get the Latest Hair Trends

    From the blow-up to groomed grunge, here’s a step-by-step guide to the hottest hairstyles for the months ahead.

  • Most Common Beauty Problems: Solved!

    Last-minute zits, blotches and frizzies happen to everyone. Celebrity makeup artists and hair pros share the secrets to keeping their clients red-carpet ready.

  • Trend Alert: Matte Hair

    Shiny hair will never go out of style, but for those at the front of the fashion pack, the matte look is all the rage. Here's how to deliberately dull down your hair.

  • Your Man’s Grooming

    Want to help your mate step up his shaving and hair routines... without wrecking your romance?

  • 7 Simple Ways to Go Green in Your Beauty Routine

    From multi-tasking products to water-conserving ways to shower and de-stress, here’s how to make your beauty regimen planet-friendly.

  • How to Tame Your Textured Hair

    Curly, wavy, frizzy and otherwise texture-challenged hair is finally getting the attention and products that it deserves.

  • At-home Hair Colour

    Here’s to-dye-for advice from the pros on how to achieve head-turning, salonlike colour at home.

  • Extreme Hair Makeover: Are You Ready for It?

    Before going from blonde to brunette, or from waist-long hair to pixie short, read this advice from the pros.

  • Shampoo Secrets

    How you’re lathering up may be the cause of your good—or bad—hair days. Wash beauty right into your hair with these steps.

  • Pluck Your Brows Like a Pro

    Well-shaped eyebrows make your eyes look bigger and brighter, add lift to drooping lids and even give your hair colour more zing! Here’s a do-it-yourself guide.

  • Tame your problem hair!

    Tresses misbehaving? Show your hair who’s boss with these tips from celebrity stylists.

  • Keep your long hair healthy and beautiful

    You’ve patiently grown your hair long—an enviable feat. We’ve got the secrets on maintaining lustre and tip-top condition.

  • Gorgeous hair: getting the most from conditioners

    Choosing the right conditioning products for your type of hair will keep it salon-lustrous. But how do you know which product is right for you?

  • Know your hair type: the secret to healthy hair!

    Fine or thick? Frizz-prone or apt to flop? Knowing what type of hair you have is key to picking the products that are right for you. The payoff? Beautiful hair that stays polished longer.



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